An integrated team of experts focused on you

Our group of specialists

The Green Door Clinic is an integrated team of mental health specialists.

We work together as consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, life-coaches, health and wellbeing specialists, all available to help create a holistic approach to your recovery.

Using our resources and partnerships, we will create you a bespoke intensive treatment program, tailored to suit your individual needs. This will maximise treatment outcomes and work rapidly towards your general wellbeing.

Our work is always centred around you. We want to empower you to contribute to your own recovery. The aim is to deliver rapid recovery and assist you with every issue arising from lifestyle to interpersonal relationships to help get you back on the right path.

Senior Consultant Psychotherapist

Dr. Woolfson

Dr Gerald Woolfson has recently retired as a distinguished Consultant Physician and Psychiatrist so that he can work exclusively as a Psychotherapist offering individual and group psychotherapy. He can also be effective as a sounding board for people facing complex issues at work or in the home or other relationships. his 47 years of experience covers the whole field of behaviour including drug and alcohol problems, ADHD, autistic spectrum issues,and personality problems. he is a senior Fellow of the Faculty of Psychotherapy at the Royal College of Psychiatry

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Najem Al-Falahe

Dr. Najem Al-Falahe has extensive experience in basic research, applied research and four clinical settings in medicine: family medicine, neurology, neurophysiology and psychiatry. He is an expert in the impact of human behaviour on changes in brain activity.

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Justin Basquille

Over 18 years of experience as a consultant, Dr. Basquille has developed deep knowledge of the assessment and treatment for the full range of psychiatric disorders. His focused expertise is in adult ADHD and Substance Misuse. Dr. Basquille also has a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) awarded by the Specialist Training Authority (STA) in Adult General and Liaison Psychiatry.

Lead Psychotherapist & Addiction Psychologist

Jenny Dew MSc MBACP

Jenny Dew is an Integrative Counselling Psychotherapist. She specialises in all aspects of mental health from work related issues, psychology of addiction, and trauma to self worth.

Cristina Garcia-Llavona


Counselling Psychologist, Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist

Pramod Prabhakaran

Consultant Psychiatrist

Ric Chance

Snr Reg PG Dip UKCP

Movement Psychotherapist

Nuno Albuquerque


Addictions Counsellor & Life Coach

Jordan Mae Antoinette

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Gareth Michael


Corrective Health Exercise Kinesiology, Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Practitioner

Ian Martin


Rational Emotive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist

Francesca Blechner


Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Manu Poggio

Dip Physical Education UNLP

Fitness Recovery Coach

Mohamed Quronfleh

Dip OA

Acupuncturist for stress, anxiety and addiction

David Hill


Psychosynthesis Therapist and Hypnotherapist

We aim to empower you to contribute to your own recovery


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