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When it comes to therapy we want to make you a treatment plan that fits and is unique to your needs and your lifestyle

We are qualified to provide a wide variety of therapeutic protocols at the Green Door Clinic. Our sole aim is to help you get better in a way and time frame that suits you best. So when it comes to our bespoke intensive therapy program, we can offer you an extensive range of treatments covering a wide variety of techniques, addressing different angles of the problem you present with, all together instead of one at a time sequentially.

First, we undertake a clinical assessment with you attending the clinic in person. This typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, and can sometimes involve bringing your family or partner in support. The purpose of this initial assessment is to provide you with an opportunity, in a safe and confidential environment, away from home or office, to discuss your treatment needs and ask us any questions. This will allow us to understand your needs and what your goals are, and work out a personalised treatment plan that truly fits your life.

You may chose to leave your supporters in our waiting room while you discuss this alone, or you can choose to use a portion of your appointment to share your new diagnosis or treatment plan with your loved ones. Where possible we aim to involve them in your treatment plan to encourage and support you through your treatment.

Group Therapy Program
Tuesdays 6 – 7pm

Additionally, we offer group support sessions, these are included in the intensive program but can also be taken independently.

Intensive Therapy Program

A faster, and highly successful alternative to traditional weekly one to one therapy. This program is for people who want to make a quick impact on their diagnosis. The Intensive Therapy Program is suitable when battling addiction, post-traumatic stress or a disabling mood disorder. It offers you a swift process to your recovery, with specialists committed to guide you along the way.

This program uses multiple sessions of one-to-one therapy, psycho-education and group psychotherapy in the same week working on different aspects of your problem.

You may choose to have therapy up to 6 days a week, with multiple sessions each day with different therapists to complement your relationship with your regular clinician.

Participating in the Intensive Therapy Program gives you the opportunity to take a focused, in-depth exploration of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and body sensations as well as habitual behaviours, like never before.

Additional treatments available

Group Therapy Program

Sessions are hosted by both therapists and psychiatrists from Green Door Clinic, and create a calm and open space for patients to collectively discuss aspects of their issues and experience with different ways of approaching things in their lives. This program allows for more collective support from your peers – fellow clients of the Green Door Clinic, and offers a place where you can try out new ways of being, with the support and encouragement of other clients.

Group Therapy lets you develop stronger communication and socialisation skills such as self-awareness, self-esteem and trust. The discussion between the group provides an opportunity to practice expressing thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment, reducing isolation and helping you to find your voice. The group becomes your safety net for trying out new ways of being.

One-to-One Therapy

This is a traditional and effective method of treatment for mental health issues. Weekly one-to-one therapy sessions may be an option for you, based on the assessment of your treatment needs or financial situation. If this method is the right fit, we will choose for you the most appropriate specialist to provide your clinical treatment and support you through to recovery and on to optimal health.

Psycho-education Workshops

We run a number of educational courses that inform you about different aspects of mental health, to provide understanding while you recover. Attending workshops at the Green Door Clinic is a helpful way to learn about a particular subject and try new strategies for positive living. Our psycho-educational workshops are presented in relation to both personal and professional wellbeing and our aim is to help you achieve success both at home and at work.

Our workshops usually last between 75 and 90 minutes.

Taking that first step and getting help can be hardest part. The Green Door Clinic helped take away a lot of that anxiety and fear. I received an intensive therapy program to fit my needs and around my schedule, which helped me to grow.

– Anonymous Patient


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